Can I expedite editing to get photos sooner?

If you're needing or wanting your photo gallery back quickly, let me know. You have the option to pay an expediting fee of $600 to get your gallery delivered within 2 weeks!

How many pictures will be in my gallery?

This question really changes with each wedding because every wedding day is different. There are so many pictures that are being taken at any given moment, but you can expect anywhere between 400-800 images.

Can we opt of out of the engagement session?

I promise you, you will regret not doing engagement pictures! This is the chance that we all get to meet face to face and become comfortable with one another. You get to learn my shooting style and that makes things go SO smoothly come the big day. This is so important and I promise, it's worth it!

Do I have to order prints through the gallery?

Nope, you'll get a print release! However, I can't guarantee your print quality if you choose somewhere other than my professional lab!

Do you travel?

Absolutely I travel! I love exploring new places and following my couples wherever they need me. As long as you cover flights/long drives expenses and overnight stays, we will be good to go :)

Do you customize packages at all?

It’s my job to do everything I can to make you happy! Just shoot me an email and we can work together to make sure your package is exactly what you want and has everything you'll need.

I see you offer film as well, how does that work?

If you choose our bundle package, you'll have both a photographer and videographer on your wedding day. Where you'd normally have to communicate with two separate vendors for this, all communication for both goes through me. It makes things easy!

Who chooses the music for films?

We do!
As much as we'd love to give our couples the freedom to choose their own music, licensing laws don't allow us to use just any song. The song in our films have to be licensed. We work with online platforms to license each song you hear in our films.