so you're here because you want to invest in yourself and your business?!

You're in the right place.

I went to college to earn a degree in Elementary Education only to realize that it wasn't for me. Throughout my time in college as well as during my teaching career, I had a side hustle that I dreamed would eventually be my full time gig. And here I am.

I am here to hype you up, help you build your business, and be your personal cheerleader. I'm so happy you're here and I cannot wait to share all the things I've learned in the industry to help you grow in all the areas that I once struggled with too.

Q+A session $250

This hour-long session is perfect for all photographers, near and far. Ask all of your questions and grab a cup of coffee...we'll chat from the comfort of our homes via FaceTime or Zoom. This session can cover anything, including posing, lighting, prompting, marketing, client experience, work flow, etc.


mentor session $400

This session is perfect for the hands on learners out there. I'll find models for us and set up a shoot that you've been wanting. We'll walk through this together. I'll start the session and walk through my process, and you'll finish it! You can ask questions as we go.

If you're looking for something a little bit more long-term, please fill out the inquiry form and specify so that I can create something uniquely designed for you and your business.