A Documentary Style, Downtown Wilmington Wedding

You guys. To say I was absolutely obsessed with this wedding is an understatement.

Kelsey + Patrick's wedding day ignited something within me as a wedding photographer that I don't think that I've ever felt before. Everything about their day felt so natural, comfortable, stress free, go with the flow, happy, joyful, authentic. Literally everything you can think of. I specifically remember turning to Erik, my husband (who was shooting with me this day), and saying, "This is the best wedding I've ever been a part of."

I kept finding myself being reminded of why I love what I do. I found it in the little moments throughout their day: when Kelsey's dad came in to see her for the first time in all of her stunning beauty and it brought her to tears, Patrick getting shuttled into a random bar because the owner came out and wanted to give him a free shot, Kelsey's friends crying over her and celebrating her, Patrick's vows to Kelsey and Kelsey's vows right back to her, and just the way that they both would look at each other and smile the giddiest smile you've ever seen. It was everything.

They got married at Bakery 105 in Downtown Wilmington where they had beautiful greenery and intimate candle decor to illuminate the space. It was stunning. They were eager to walk around and capture some of their bridal party and bride + groom photos around the city during the most beautiful golden hour and finished the day dancing and laughing with their closest people. We walked, we laughed, we drank, but most importantly, THEY LOVED.

Cheers to The Shavers!